, a web service by KnowledgeWorks, has announced the launch of its new website featuring courseware for AutoCAD Release 2000 and 14, IntelliCAD Release 2000 and 98, and TurboCAD 6. Through this web service, users and instructors can create, produce, and access customized training material to support their requirements. has modularized its training materials into learning objects that address training requirements like Editing Objects, Paper Space for 3D Models, and Plotting. These learning objects have been segmented based on skill level, vertical focus, and general area of interest.

Users can create customized training material in minutes and then purchase the material electronically as a single or multi-user license. eManuals are provided as an Abode Acrobat file and can be viewed on screen, printed from a desktop, or printed and bound by a local printer. will also print and bind copies for users or provide the information on a CD.