SAN JOSE, Calif. - Outreach Heating & Cooling (, a nonprofit tax-exempt charitable organization that provides free and reduced-cost heating services for low-income individuals and nonprofit organizations, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. This organization was started by Russ Donnici, the president of Mechanical Air Service, a San Jose, Calif.-based HVAC contractor. Donnici is also a member ofThe NEWS'Contractor Consultants.

Outreach Heating & Cooling began its formation during the recession of 1993. Donnici and his wife Debi decided to expand the charitable work Mechanical Air Service had been doing since 1977.

After receiving state and federal tax exemptions in October 1995, Outreach began offering free and reduced-cost services in November 1995. Its ability to offer free services is dependent on funds raised to subsidize this work.

The revenues derived from providing reduced-cost services to low-income families and nonprofit organizations are utilized to provide additional ongoing program services.

Publication date: 01/09/2006