One of the leading hydronic heating Web sites recently added some new products and class schedules to its Web portal (

Two new products available at the "Shop For Books and More" page include the "Dead Men" belt buckle and "Wallies Confidence" t-shirt. The "HeatingHelp Happenings" feature also lists several Hydronic Piping Design night school classes offered at New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut locations.

Dan Holohan, founder of, said of the classes, "Give me three hours and I'll give you lots of ideas. And night school is so convenient! We'll start at 5 p.m. with a buffet supper. Then we'll spend the next three hours exploring all sorts of piping options that can help you be even more professional than you already are.

"From near-boiler piping to loop systems (which aren't as simple as you may think), through diverter-tee systems, and then on to two-pipe, direct- and reverse-return, and all the way up to a complete, and very understandable explanation, of the ins and outs of both one- and two-pipe, primary-secondary pumping (especially as it applies to radiant heating)."

Publication date: 08/15/2005