TAYLOR, Mich. - Masco Corporation, Pulte Homes Inc., and Lennox Hearth Products, a division of Lennox International Inc., announced that they have established a national supplier arrangement for Masco's Contractor Services Group to install Lennox fireplaces in homes constructed by Pulte Homes.

Pulte intends to use Lennox fireplaces in the majority of its homes. Masco supplies and installs a variety of building products and services for Pulte Homes including insulation and cabinetry.

"Our strong business relationship with Pulte continues to grow as we strategically find new ways to increase sales and improve our customer service and quality through these types of arrangements," said Alan Barry, Masco president and chief operating officer. "Lennox Hearth Products is a fine company, known for its quality fireplaces, stoves, and chimney systems. We are pleased to install outstanding Lennox products in quality homes built by Pulte."

Alan Laing, vice president of customer satisfaction and construction support for Pulte Homes, said, "This is yet another effort to advance Pulte Homes' ongoing initiative to reduce costs while improving logistics management. Both Masco and Lennox have similar goals of providing quality products and excellent services, which enables Pulte to provide homes with exceptional value to its customers."

"We are proud to be associated with two such fine companies," said Wendy Howells, vice president and general manager of Lennox Hearth Products. "We believe this is a win/win situation for everyone: Masco, Pulte, Lennox, but most importantly for the home buyer."

For more information on Lennox Hearth Products, visit www.lennoxhearthproducts.com.

Publication date: 12/01/2003