MILWAUKEE - Johnson Controls announced that it has been awarded a $2.1 million energy performance contract to reduce Camco Inc.'s energy and operational expenditures over the next few years. Camco is a major Canadian manufacturer, marketer, exporter, and service provider of home appliances.

A performance contract enables facility improvements that will pay for themselves over time through energy and operational savings. The Camco contract includes improved lighting, modified building controls, compressed air measures, and the addition of Hybrid Flu-Ace heat recovery technology.

Along with the other improvements, the heat recovery system benefits the environment by reducing pollutants such as carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds. The unique system recovers exhaust heat from an e-coat paint oven system to be used for building or process heating.

"By partnering with Johnson Controls, we are able to upgrade our infrastructure and improve costs while achieving a positive environmental benefit," said Rene Lecours, vice president of Montreal production operations at Camco Inc. "In addition to equipment replacements and additions, the project enables Camco to use future savings to fund additional improvements."

Publication date: 02/28/2005