Dan Holohan presides over the first Oil Heat Cares press conference at the Hershey Lodge (Hershey, Pa.) during the recent NAOHSM meeting.
HERSHEY, Pa. - The first board meeting of "Oil Heat Cares" convened at the recent National Association of Oil Heating Service Managers (NAOHSM) meeting here. The group is comprised of oil heat professionals whose purpose is to raise money and provide assistance to individuals and groups who need service or replacement of oil heating equipment.

Board member Dan Holohan, founder of HeatingHelp.com and industry writer/columnist, hosted the group's first press conference immediately following the meeting. He introduced the board members of Oil Heat Cares, headed up by Judy Garber, president. Other members include Dave Bessette, Michael Markarian, Kevin Rooney, Kevin Shea, Bob Hedden, and Paul Stone.

Holohan said the group has participated in several projects already and the available funds at press time topped $10,000. Holohan also told attendees about some of the projects and mentioned the chapters and manufacturers who donated time and equipment for the projects.

Oil Heat Cares president Judy Garber receives a check from George McQueeney. Behind Garber (from left) are Dan Holohan, Rich Godbout, Jim Todd, and George Perelli.
"There are a great deal of people from across the board who have donated to this cause," he said.

During the press conference, two NAOHSM chapters announced $1,000 donations to Oil Heat Cares. Later that evening, the Central Pennsylvania NAOHSM Chapter, headed up by York, Pa.-based Shipley Energy, was presented with the inaugural Spirit Award, given to the chapter whose project was judged as the best and/or most critical to the recipient. In addition, 50/50 raffle money was donated to the homeowner whose equipment was replaced.

Holohan said that any NAOHSM member can suggest a project to his or her local chapter. The chapter then submits the project paperwork to the board, who approve or disapprove it. "We have yet to turn down a project," said Holohan, "because they have all been so worthwhile."

Oil Heat Cares will benefit from a two-day meeting and social event in Providence, R.I., on June 14-15. The "NEW Oil Heat Cares Seminar" will feature guest speakers and educational oil heat and business management sessions.

For more information on Oil Heat Cares and the Providence seminar, call Judy Garber at 717-625-3076 or visit www.naohsm.org. At press time, the Oil Heat Cares Web site was still under construction (www.oilheatcares.org).

Publication date: 06/06/2005