Julian Scadden
Julian Scadden

Have you ever had to communicate a directive or initiative to a group of peers or employees?

What method did you use to deliver your message?

Do you think you communicated your message fully and clearly?

A large part of the message you send to your team is based on demonstration. What you say and what you do must be aligned for your message to gain traction with your team.

Here are a few examples:

• You expect your team to be on time, yet you arrive when you can.

• You demand thorough and concise paperwork, yet your written communication is disjointed and requires follow up.

• You ask your employees to treat the customer with care, while you rush through employee requests, training, and meetings.

The extremes are apparent, so I am sure you can see the contrast.

When communicating to your team, it’s critical to lead by example. When you want your team to improve their performance, analyze the process, seek feedback for improvement, then make sure you can demonstrate the improved behavior yourself. Your messages will be heard and accepted.