The following remarks were made in response to a letter written by Peter J. Kusterer, president of Air Comfort For Homes, Raleigh, North Carolina, regarding the guest column “A Jack of All Trades is Likely a Master of None,” written by Butch Welsch, published May 17, 2017.

Become the Go-To in the Niche Market

We also believe that having a niche business model allows one to focus on being the best in class. Long ago, we decided that being able to offer more than the others indeed stretched our ability to identify and eliminate all forms of waste in our business model. In addition, we have interest in being profitable in the services we offer, not being a cash cow to pay for unapplied labor when work is slow. Ensuring your niche does not experience slow times is the key to being a profitable business. Moving into arenas that show sustainable solutions that are simple to install, provide service simplicity, are smart operationally, adapt into energy conservation metrics for our customers, and are cutting edge relative to breaching a paradigm that exists in the refrigeration trades is our primary focus. It is indeed a new era for those that see it and move to become the go-to business for what you are best at.

Joe Kokinda
CEO, Professional HVACR Services Inc.
Avon Lake, Ohio


The following remarks were made in response to the editorial “Tariffs Likely to Hurt Consumers,” written by Joanna Turpin, senior editor for The NEWS, published May 2.

I can’t believe we are letting this happen to us

After two years of collaboration with the HVACR industry, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) updated Section 608 Refrigerant Management program in November 2016. On Oct. 1, the EPA issued a new ruling that rescinds Subpart F, which allows the purchase of refrigerants by anyone being sold by anyone. What is great for big-box retailers and online stores is devastating to HVACR manufacturers, wholesalers, and contractors.

I, for one, have heard enough about how this administration is going to make America great again. They have proven once more they are only looking out for big business and the top 1 percent who contribute to the election of those who can make them money.

Well, that money doesn’t speak for me. I have something much more powerful. My vote this election will show them who is boss and that they better listen to those of us who actually pay our taxes.

Dick Wirz
Co-Owner, Refrigeration Training Services LLC


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Publication date: 10/29/2018

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