Editor’s note: The following remarks were made regarding the “Is the Energy Star Program on Life Support?” article published March 20, 2017, in The NEWS.


Pardon me, but your progressivism is showing, Mr. Woerpel. In your editorial about the Energy Star program in the March 20 issue, you proclaim that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a pro-climate agenda. I would refer to the EPA’s agenda as pro-big bureaucracy and big government. The agenda has hurt consumers and businesses much more than it has protected the climate.

The climate of Earth has been in a continual state of flux from creation, we have neither the power to increase or decrease the rate of change. Even The Paris Agreement admitted that by taking drastic actions, the real effect over a century would only be a small fraction of a degree. Is wrecking the living conditions of all humanity worth a fraction of a degree over a century? The EPA accomplished some worthwhile goals during its early years, but has since deteriorated into an instrument of anti-capitalist propaganda and actions that have served to increase the cost of living for ordinary folks and the cost of doing business for the employers in this country.

In a complete head scratcher, on the very next page, you have an article boosting CO2 as an acceptable refrigerant. If CO2 is actually the cause of anthropogenic global warming (AGW), the original title for what has morphed into climate change, then why would you want to put it into widespread distribution, increasing the tonnage that will eventually enter the atmosphere?

If the refrigerants that have already been phased out and those which will be phased out have too large of a global warming footprint, what does the accused primary gas have? Do you even think about the irony of the supporting arguments for AGW and the proposed fixes? I believe this country is suffering from an excess of highly educated people, but not enough intelligent people.

Greg R. Snyder, president Edwards Refrigeration Loveland, Colorado

Publication date: 5/15/2017

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