Editor’s note: The following remarks were made regarding the “Denying the Science of Climate Change is Irresponsible” commentary by Herb Woerpel, published May 18 in The NEWS.


A sound-minded person has questions. And, many times I see questions raised, it turns into a shouting match of how stupid the person is who’s questioning. I wholeheartedly agree that people who want to continue as is for political and financial gain are wrong. But, that goes for your side, as well. There is an enormous amount of money when the government gets involved, which is a reason I don’t trust all of what they say. Somebody somewhere is benefiting financially to push man-made climate change. They pushed CFL bulbs and people still throw bulbs in the trash just as they did before. So, now, there is mercury leaching into our ground water. They push ethanol, which is hell on carburetors, to be quite frank. It takes more ethanol to produce the power to go the same distance. They push batteries — where does all the lithium come from? I’m getting off subject, but I hope you get my point. You cited government bodies for your proof. I’d prefer if Uncle Sam stayed out of every aspect of our lives and stopped pushing this doomsday scenario. You have a great platform to make changes; I wish I did. Just, please, use it wisely and carefully. Present facts and listen to people who have different views.

Kevan Sherman
via email

Publication date: 6/29/2015

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