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Michael Nark
Michael Nark

Michael Nark, president and CEO of BuildingIQ, talks about the company’s cost- and energy-managing software platforms.

Q: Can you introduce yourself to our listeners?

A: I’m the president and CEO of BuildingIQ. I’ve been with BuildingIQ for a little more than a year and a half — starting in late 2013. I’ve been pleased and happy to see it continue to grow in the North American and Australian markets. I most recently worked with Power Analytics, spending about the last 15 years in the energy efficiency and services space.

Q: How does the software work, and what, exactly, does it do?

A: There are three simple parameters. We remotely connect to a building and work with a building’s owner to provide streams of data representing the temperatures, pressures, and historical consumption. This allows us to develop a thermal model and allows us to predict energy usage over time. Using that model, we introduce real-time parameters in the form of people — in terms of CO2, how many people are in the building at any given time; weather — temperature and cloud-cover changes; pricing structures — what are the current rate structures the building operates under; and demand response events — is there anything triggering reductions in the load?

Michael Nark
President and CEO, BuildingIQ

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Publication date: 5/18/2015

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