Editor’s Note: The following remarks were made regarding the “Faulty Installations Slash System Efficiency” article by Nicole Krawcke, published Feb. 9 in The NEWS.

The Contractor’s Calling Balls and Strikes

In areas with codes and good inspection departments, the building inspector can provide at least a minimum level of assurance that [the HVAC] system is safe. Sometimes, contractors don’t want to pay for a permit and tell customers they can save money by not getting a permit and involving the inspection department. If you agree to this, you are totally at the mercy of the contractor. It would be like playing baseball and agreeing to let the pitcher call the balls and strikes because you don’t want to pay an umpire. I always advise people to make sure the job is permitted and inspected. If a contractor does not want to do this, I would look elsewhere.

Editor’s Note: The following remarks were made regarding the “Staying Busy During the Shoulder Season” article, by Nick Kostora, published April 6 in The NEWS.

Train Your Technicians

Service agreements are great, but let’s suggest that maybe you haven’t sold many, have already done the checks already, or customers aren’t able to meet, whatever the case may be. This part of the season is a great time for training technicians, showing you are investing in them the same way they are invested in your company. Also, [use the shoulder season as a time for] truck overhauls. Take everything out of your vehicles, do a deep clean, and restock trucks with correct inventory that can be tracked. I recently partnered with a small retirement home we service, and I offered a free cleaning on all of their units and let them raffle off five free cleanings for family members of their clients. You and I both know that out of five homes you will find some work. Not only are you finding work, you have a chance to impress five new clients, you’re keeping your guys busy, and, most importantly, you are doing great things for your community. That’s what our industry lacks — a philanthropic mindset. Be the best you can be, always, to your community and yourself, and you will succeed.

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Publication date: 4/27/2015 

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