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Julian Scadden
Julian Scadden

Training is an ongoing process. Julian Scadden, coach, Nexstar Network, discusses how you can generate maximum return on time and energy invested in training by following a three-part process. Listen to this podcast to get expert tips on training, tracking, and follow up.

Q: What’s the key to a successful training process?

A: Success in a training process relies on consistency. Training, tracking, and follow up are all important. Be consistent. Consistency is extremely important to training success. Don’t change to accommodate the flavor of the month. Only training when something is amiss may cause employees to equate training with slow times, or when things are bad.

Q: Can you list some of the topics that you train on?

A: Some of our core courses include service systems, which trains technicians on interactions within the home, call center and dispatch classes, and leadership for owners. Each of those courses focuses on honoring the employee as a complete person. Within each level of the company, we can focus on personal development, technical training, operational development, housekeeping issues, as well as what they can do to be part of the growth and structuring of the company. Well-rounded training is important to stay focused on your business success.

Julian Scadden
Training Implementation Coach, Nexstar Network, Little Canada, Minnesota

Publication date: 6/30/2014 

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