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Chris TylerChris Tyler, CEO, Thermal Equipment Sales, and Green Schools chair and board chairman of the Kentucky U.S. Green Building Council (KY USGBC), discusses the nationwide energy-efficiency epidemic within public school facilities and shares how contractors can help these institutions save energy and money.

Q: Is it true that Kentucky boasts the first ever net-zero school?

A: Yes, Kentucky had the first public K-12 school in Richardsville, which was designed a few years ago and has been in operation for a couple of years. We’ve also opened a few other net-zero schools including TurkeyFoot [Middle School] in Kenton County and Locust Trace in Fayette County, in Lexington. We’ve not only started the idea here, but have continued the trend with quite a few additional net-zero schools over the last few years.

Q: What are some of the deficiencies in schools across the country?

A: One of the places where people are wasting a lot of energy that could be addressed — with a little bit of time — is an awareness [of energy use] at the occupant behavioral level. People who are in the schools don’t realize what their actions — or lack thereof — do to impact the school. They need to take the time to understand that if doors are left open as students arrive and leave for 30 minutes at a time … a considerable amount of energy and conditioned air is being wasted, especially if it is hot or cold outside.

Chris Tyler
CEO of Thermal Equipment Sales

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Publication date: 8/26/2013

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