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Tom Jackson, CEO of Jackson SystemsListeners will learn all about zoning from Tom Jackson, CEO of Jackson Systems. Jackson will discuss the ease of zoning installations, how to properly sell the equipment, and list the many benefits that zoning affords.

Q: What do you think are the major benefits for the consumer to have zoning installed inside their homes?

A: There are four main benefits to zoning. Comfort is the No. 1
advantage. Maintaining a proper temperature throughout the home, not just at the thermostat, is important. Secondly, and what most people think about, is energy savings. Zoning is a nice product that will save energy as there is no need to heat or cool the bedrooms during the day, and you can heat or cool the living spaces when they are occupied. At night, the opposite is true. The third advantage is flexibility. If you have visitors come and stay with you, you have the ability of allowing them to set a temperature to match their desires at a certain point of time. Lastly, it eliminates divorce as thermostat wars are no longer an issue.

Q: Can any HVAC contractor install a zoning system, or does it take special training?

A: We recommend some training, so that you’re up on all the details of the system, but any HVAC contractor can install zoning. There is nothing mysterious or special about it. As a whole, it is pretty simple and straightforward.

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Publication date: 5/20/2013