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Greenheck's Jay Bauman introduces their new Housed Plenum Fan Array offering.Listeners will be introduced to Greenheck’s new Housed Plenum Fan Array (HPA) offering. You’ll hear about the performance and service benefits of incorporating multiple small fans versus one single large fan into new and/or retrofit air-handling applications.

Q: Can you briefly describe the new Model HPA for us?

A: HPA stands for Housed Plenum Array, which is essentially a plenum fan mounted inside of a sound attenuated housing. HPA fans are modular, so they can be stacked on top of each other and side-by-side to form a fan array. This type of fan is specifically designed for air-handler applications.

Q: What are the advantages of several small fans over one large one?

A: One advantage in using multiple small fans instead of one large fan is the ability to maintain airflow during failure of one fan. If you have a motor or bearing failure with a single fan system, the system will be out of service until the fan is repaired. If one fan in a multiple fan system quits operating, the balance of the fans continues to operate. Some other advantages are better sound levels, smaller footprints, and easy serviceability.

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Publication date: 4/22/2013