Editor’s note: The following remarks were made on The NEWS’ group, The NEWS Network, on LinkedIn, about what people think of the current state of the Department of Energy’s regional standards.

Not All Can Afford High-Efficiency Furnaces

It isn’t the federal government’s role to regulate state activities; each state should set the rules.

Yes, high-efficient furnaces in the Northern tier are a great idea, but it is the poor and those with low incomes that can’t afford a new, safe furnace in many instances because the “rules” require such upgrades and require homeowners to get rid of all the low-efficient furnaces. There would be a huge savings, but too many people only care about how good the idea sounds, not the application.

Energy-saving a/c units [were forced] on us. Think all Southern states should have to install 90 percent or higher gas furnaces with every a/c unit? Fair is fair, don’t care if you don’t need them.

Kevin Leggert
Owner/Technician at Leggert Heating and Cooling
Greater Detroit Area

Make Furnaces More Affordable

Before they decide to force one to put a 90 percent furnace in, they should figure out a way to make them more affordable. I, like others it seems, know that it’s better for Mother Earth. But this is nothing more than a special interest. Figure out rebates, tax credits, and yes, make them more affordable. I can sell a 90 percent unit now for less than I can put a two-stage 80 percent unit in a home. Let’s get energy wise, but let’s not make a human go without heat because of it.

Don G.
Service Manager, Miller Htg.-Air-Geothermal
Fort Wayne, Indiana Area

Publication date: 2/11/2013