HVACR Tools Go Beyond Hand Tools

A tool to me is what one would use to do work. Work may be described as what one does to survive. From the earliest tools invented by man, the human race has adapted in order to survive. Those that view hard work as natural as play, tend to excel in our society.

On this realm, I believe that the five most important tools needed in order to start a business would be:

• A vision that has a goal;

• A plan or map that gets you there;

• The knowledge and training to be a leader and mentor;

• A humble outlook that appreciates the trust of staff and customers; and

• The ability to adapt to market forces and go with the flow.

A business owner in our trade, more often than not, starts up for personal reasons. Those reasons are well-known. However, most start-up business owners decide to do so when the opportunity arises. I did this when our first business was expanded upon during the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, and opportunity found us in South Florida. I abandoned our 10-year plan, which had already been advanced by eight years, (my 20-year plan had us starting our own business at the age of 40) at the age of 32. This goal was set when I was 20 years old and serving in the U.S. Navy.

We survived for seven years, but due to me not having the aforementioned tools, I decided we needed to start over. Bad business decisions are what usually cause a business to flounder. Surround yourself with the people that believe in your vision, mentor them with constant motivation, and teach them the intricacies of what a business requires to be successful. Gain the aforementioned basic tools first before proceeding with your business opportunity.

Joseph Kokinda
President CEO
Professional HVAC/R Services Inc.
Cleveland/Akron, Ohio Area

Publication date: 1/28/2013