Editor’s note: This letter is in response to Herb Woerpel’s article “HVAC Company Questions Obamacare’s Constitutionality,” Aug. 20.

Look Closely at the Health Care Reform Act

I think we have not paid enough attention to the benefits that the Health Care Reform Act, also known as Obamacare, has and will bring to the American people. Millions of Americans currently without insurance will be insured, kids will be allowed to stay under their parents insurance until the age of 25, people cannot be turned away from coverage because of a pre-existing condition, etc.

I would urge my fellow contractors to look closely at these and other benefits this law will bring. There will be great tax breaks for those businesses that offer health insurance to their employees. In addition, companies with less than 25 employees will not be required to offer health insurance. I have six employees, and I do offer health, dental, and disability insurance to them anyway. I do care for the well-being of my employees, and every business owner should.

This law will not have a negative effect on my business. But the Healthcare Reform Act is not only about me or my business, it is also about those who currently don’t have insurance and are afraid to go the doctor sometimes until it’s late. We all know people who do not have health insurance. I personally can count almost a dozen friends and relatives who don’t. They don’t have insurance not because they are lazy or irresponsible but because it is too expensive or because they know that the hospital will treat them if something happens and they go to the emergency room.

Under Obamacare they will have health insurance. As far as the cost of this law, I think it’s time we spent our taxpayer dollars here at home and invest in the health care of the American people.

With every law there are those who oppose it, for a number of reasons. However, opposing the law only because of a religious belief is selfish. There are hundreds of religious groups in this country. Are we to “tweak” every law in order to accommodate all of these groups? For example: In some religions, it is OK for girls to get married at age 12. Should we make an exception for that?

We are a great nation of religious freedom. However, freedom also means respecting the other people’s beliefs. Some Hercules employees may have a different view on abortion than their bosses. Hercules Industries cannot impose their faith and beliefs onto their employees, otherwise they are doing the same thing that they are accusing the government of doing.

Jay Stamo
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Publication date: 9/24/2012