Editor’s Note: The following remarks were made onThe NEWS’group,The NEWSNetwork, on LinkedIn. These comments concern whether there’s a huge need for new, skilled employees, and what individuals have done to promote HVAC as a career to high schoolers.

Marketing the HVACR Program

I have worked closely with our local tech school to reach out to potential high school students. We send letters to potential students to encourage them to join the HVACR program. We sponsor luncheons for high school guidance counselors to show them the opportunities in our field. We attend career days at high schools. Overall, we help HVACR instructors market their program to potential students and their parents. There is a need for professional, trained, entry-level technicians.

Bob Labbett
VP Marketing
Emerson Climate Technologies
Dayton, Ohio area

Donate Your Time and Equipment

We have been working with our local high schools and community colleges about career opportunities in our industry. We do career fairs and classroom chats. We also sponsor a local high school with donations of material and equipment for their class. We have our local suppliers help us with getting them tools and damaged equipment to practice on. Most school systems have limited budgets for HVACR programs, and our schools are very happy to get support from us.

David Richardson
Weather Master HVAC
Raleigh-Durham, N.C. area

Publication date: 01/23/2012