Editor’s Note: The following remarks were made onThe NEWS’group,The NEWSNetwork, on LinkedIn. These comments are all on the Nest thermostat, which was designed by the creator of the iPod, and has been offered for presale through Best Buy and www.nest.com.

May Draw Attention to Smart Thermostat Technology

I will be very interested in hearing how Best Buy deals with the support of the installation of the Nest thermostats by consumers. While I have no knowledge of the installation process for this product, I can envision a bunch of questions and possible returns on this product if not supported properly.

The Nest is an attractive thermostat that will gain attention (as it already has in the press) and convince some people to buy that were not previously aware of smart thermostat technology.

The trend of installation issues will be something that I will be interested in following.

Kurt Wessling
Director of Sales
Jackson Systems LLC
Indianapolis area

Going for a Niche Market?

If you look at Best Buy’s [BB] past strategies for entering into new areas, computer maintenance, AV installations, and appliance installations for example, I would anticipate BB contracting with a national HVAC company and or purchasing one like they did Geek Squad if they are going to be serious about competing in the HVAC market.

As for Nest, from what I have read in their press releases, they do not seem like they want to be the No. 1 thermostat manufacturer and may be happy with their niche share of the market. I do admit, it is a nice-looking unit, however as previously stated, does not address comfort or multistage equipment. There is always room for improvement.

Ben Stein
Channel Marketing Specialist - OEM Residential Combustion
Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area

Publication date: 11/14/2011