CEE and the Tiers of Efficiency


The Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) appreciates The NEWS’ interest in and support of energy efficiency. Thank you for mentioning the efficiency of ice makers in the article, “Recognitions to Two Companies,” [Aug. 1].

We would like to clarify the role CEE plays with regard to tiers of efficiency. It is incorrect to imply, as is done in the article, that CEE rates products. We do not test or rate products. CEE members, who comprise the energy-efficiency programs of the U.S. and Canada, establish specifications of energy efficiency for ice machines and other product categories for use in ratepayer-funded energy-efficiency programs. We would also like to clarify that the most stringent performance criteria in the CEE specification is CEE Tier 2, not CEE Tier 3. It is correct to say that Scotsman claims to meet the more stringent CEE Tier 2 performance criteria or that Scotsman icemakers meet CEE Tier 2 performance criteria.

Sarah Griffith
Strategic Communications Director
Consortium for Energy Efficiency

Publication date: 09/26/2011