Minimize Governmental HVAC Regulations

I take issue with Carrier Corp. requesting the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] to prohibit manufacturing of dry R-22 condensing units [“Carrier Asks EPA to Stop Dry R-22 Units,” June 13]. I think Carrier is wrong. Americans are fed up with the EPA regulations; most are government intrusions on our life. The EPA is an out-of-control government organization. The HVAC industry has signed a pact with the devil to boost revenues over the years, and it will soon cost small businesses lost jobs and consumers high prices!

Gordon Hallock, Engineer
Beaverdam, Va.

What GreenChill Does and Does Not Do

GreenChill does not recognize stores that do an especially good job at reducing energy, as stated in Peter Powell’s opinion piece “[Incentives Are Plentiful in the Commercial Industry”] in the July 4 issue of The NEWS.

GreenChill’s mission is to reduce supermarkets’ refrigerant emissions. We help supermarkets transition to environmentally friendlier refrigerants, reduce harmful refrigerant emissions, and move to advanced refrigeration technologies, strategies, and practices that lower the industry’s impact on the ozone layer and climate. The program now includes more than 7,200 stores in all 50 states.

I enjoyed the article overall. GreenChill makes every effort to ensure that our programs are as free of red tape as we can possibly make them. For instance, our store certification application is one piece of paper, front and back. On average, I’d say it takes about a day to get back to the store with a decision on whether it qualifies for a GreenChill award.

Keilly Witman
National Program Manager
The Greenchill Partnership

Publication date: 08/15/2011