Do or Do Not, There Is no Try

[Editor’s note: This letter is in response to Angela Harris’ column “Geeks vs. Dinosaurs: Balancing Technology and Common Sense,” Aug. 9.]

In the ever-continuing middle ground of those staying with the old reliable and slowly giving in to the new technological developments, we have the stable group of people that I have tried to name.

Now there comes a time in life when life imitates art and one holds true to old values and is aware of the technological developments but only [chooses] to use the few that are really necessary to give a service person the slight advantage to doing the work and saves the house from freezing or the house from overheating. We might just call him a knight in shining armor.

Better yet, [take the] “ge” from “geek” and the “di” from “dinosaur” and we have “gedi”, or as in the “Star Wars” films, a Jedi Knight. Now that is a fantastic scenario of the old and the new meeting each other to benefit the common good of all.

Patrick Skiba
All American Heating Services
Alpena, Mich.

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Publication date:09/20/2010