Some Answers to Current HVACR Questions

[Editor’s note: This letter is in response to Mark Skaer’s blog “Skaer-Tactics: More Questions to Ponder …” Sept. 29.]

On why contractors don’t have a Website:There are still contractors that do not have Websites because not everyone is racing to build their business every year at Internet speed. They have developed their customer base over a long period of time, provide great service to their existing customers, and can rely on referrals for more business if they want the additional revenue. Who needs a Website?

Your thoughts on the California Energy Commission:The California Energy Commission will cost the taxpayers of California a lot of money, and they will feel good about themselves for awhile until the burden of excessive costs comes down on their shoulders, and they realize they cannot afford to live there any longer. Unfortunately, the dream will spread like a virus across our country like the many blends of octane, and we will all look west to California again with disgust.

Your thoughts on North American Technician Excellence (NATE) - do you support it and whether or not you and your techs are NATE-certified:Good contractors like NATE. NATE gives us peace of mind knowing that we have made a serious effort to hire qualified technicians that are as serious about our industry as we are.

The other contractors have always been there in our industry as well. They get along somehow and manage to survive but have never sent anyone to a trade school or sponsored an apprentice, either. They know that someone else will pay more for a qualified technician than they will so why subsidize the industry with their hard-earned dollars is the justification I hear most often.

On whether there will ever be an agreement on an energy-efficiency policy:It is unlikely there will ever be consensus on energy efficiency in our industry as long as a one-size-fits-all mentality flows down from government that is pushed by special interest groups to make their way the only way, and the only incentive is punishment for nonconformance that is covered by a fine or fee to support more regulation and enforcement.

Chuck Meyer
Engineered Air LLC
Margate, Fla.

It's Not an Extension of the Tax Credits

[Editor’s note: This letter is in response to Mike Murphy’s editorial “Murphy’s Law: An HVAC Stimulus Package,” Oct. 20.]

After reading Mike Murphy’s column inThe NEWS, I think that it was a little misleading when you say the tax credits are a one-year extension through 2009. Murphy’s right in saying it’s for a year (Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2009).

However, I would not call this an extension as they left out everyone who has bought an Energy Star appliance or is purchasing one in 2008. I guess 2009 is better than nothing.

Joe Ayers
Sales Manager
Schwartz Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.
Bluffton, Ind.

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Publication date:12/15/2008