Carbon's Global Warming Role Debate Continues

[Editor’s note: The following letters are in response to the column “Is Carbon Really the Culprit?” Oct. 29.]

There Is a Carbon Crisis

I am upset to read Joanna Turpin’s comments questioning the carbon crisis-global warming issue. She references Danish scientist, Henrik Svensmark, who questioned the consensus scientific wisdom that there is a carbon crisis, and then admits that the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel called Svensmark’s announcement “extremely naive and irresponsible.”

There is a carbon crisis, more significant than the energy crisis but closely aligned. We need to address the carbon crisis as well as reduce our energy consumption, thus minimizing our impact on the Earth to help prevent the loss of species and to decrease the worldwide conflicts that energy demands have created.

The Oct. 29 issue ofThe NEWSappropriately headlines David Kaneda’s “IDeAs Zero Energy Building,” but diminishesThe NEWS’sustainability leadership by printing one of their premier writer’s underinformed opinion that there is no carbon crisis. As a journalist, a leader in the industry, and an editorial author forThe NEWS, Turpin’s comments can help sway people’s attitudes. I am disappointed to see her leadership wasted in her column.

Glenn Friedman, P.E., Principal
Taylor Engineering, LLC
Alameda, Calif.

The Great Money Grab

Hats off to Joanna Turpin for taking a controversial position on global warming. She should be applauded for her candor. It was refreshing to read her piece inThe NEWS.

I believe that a significant amount of momentum behind this latest craze is nothing more than a money grab. Hold onto your wallet!

No one can say for certain how much of climate change is man-made, cyclic activity, or natural phenomenon. Being good stewards of the earth is always a good policy. Fanaticism, fear mongering, and guilt by association is a bunch of baloney. Unfortunately, too many people are falling into these traps, and they’ll pay a dear price for it while little changes to alter the climate.

Robert K. Giba
Plano, Texas

Riding Bikes and Wearing Bearskins

It is great to see that somebody atThe ACHR NEWShas some common sense about the global warming scare. There was a similar editorial in theInvestor’s Business Dailyon Nov. 5, stating that the goal all along has been for alarmists to be able to push their ideas for mandatory lifestyle changes: ride bikes and wear bearskins.

Thanks for looking at the facts.

Mont Howard
Howard Equipment & Supply
Shelley, Idaho

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Publication date:12/03/2007