Wholesale distributors are increasingly involved with selling indoor air purification products. Beyond good HEPA filtration, which continues to be a recommended practice, indoor air purifiers solve a number of health-related and comfort issues faced at home and work.

Here are four reasons to consider adding indoor air purifiers to your product offering:

  1. Don’t miss the boat. There is market demand; consumers need your help to solve their IAQ-related problems. Indoor air pollution is one of the most common causes of environmental illnesses, particularly since we spend up to 90% of our time indoors. Our homes are filled with environmental poisons and microbes. Mold, bacteria, fungus, viruses, bacteria and VOC’s can all be present in the air in our homes, businesses, and schools. Reducing or eliminating these hazards will improve health and quality of life, particularly among those battling allergies, odors, and illness. And who doesn’t want to get rid of that pet odor?
  2. Complete your IAQ offering. We’re not talking about UV stick lights or even legacy, outdated PCO models. Find a trusted manufacturing partner who offers advanced versions of the best technologies available and ensure they have quality, knowledgeable representatives in your market. Seek partnerships with companies offering advanced PCO and sufficiently high cold plasma output. There is now technology available that can do so much more than just filter particulates larger than .03 microns or attempt to keep a coil clean. The future in IAQ is brighter as technology evolves.
  3. Bolster your business in fall and spring. While your competitors scramble to keep their staff busy in the traditionally slow fall and spring seasons, take advantage of your team’s capacity and develop your IAQ business. There is year-round demand, so determine how to communicate with your dealers seasonally, and help them become the experts their customers badly need.
  4. Value and expertise drive margin and your ROI. Wholesalers and contractors who invest in complete IAQ solutions, including top-shelf air purifiers, find the financial impact to their business noteworthy. Customers are increasingly health-conscious. Just look at the drastic shift towards healthier, fast-casual dining in the restaurant industry. And who drinks tap water anymore? Consumers know what they put into their bodies has a direct impact on their wellness, and these aren’t just people with allergies, pet odors, or mold issues.

Investing in air purification is a smart move that will pay off in tangible and intangible ways by generating a clear ROI and enhancing your brand. Take advantage of this strategic opportunity to help your business grow and positively impact the health the communities you serve.