We do. That famous line became associated with the Apollo 13 mission when technical issues scrapped the lunar landing, and the crew was fortunate to return to earth after overcoming a myriad of problems. It was the mission’s laconic observation that they had a serious problem.

While on a recent trip to Cleveland, I watched the national news that highlighted the immense problems facing residents and businesses in Houston because of flooding. It seemed devastating, and so I shot off an email to Richard Cook, president and COO of Johnson Supply (and a former HARDI president).

I asked him if he, his family and employees were OK. They were, though he conceded the rain had been terrible, and he didn’t elaborate on whether or not any of his operations had sustained damage.

My purpose for this blog is simple. I hope that if you have a fellow distributor that you know in Houston, whether you are nearby or distant, that you extend the offer of help. Whether that’s just advice, because you’ve gone through something similar or because you have the capacity to assist with product issues, you’ll know after a brief conversation. In short, I’m not sure of what the offer of help might be, but our Texas wholesalers would be able to guide you. If you need a name or a go-between, see contact information below.

It’s ironic that the public relations presentation at HARDI’s Focus Forum on Sales and Marketing touched upon this very topic. Not all crises are man-made. The Houston deluge is a good reason to ensure that you have a plan, and if your locality is more prone to natural disasters (floods or earthquakes), all the more reason to include that component to the plan. Our thoughts are with our Houston members.