Where are you? You don’t talk about yourself enough. I look at your website and I don’t see where you are talking about your company. There is information on products and the history of the company, but company news beyond that is somewhat pathetic. No offense.

Not only are you not sending it to this media outlet, but you aren’t making it available on your website. You deserve more. The things you do and the successes you have are important to your industry peers. They are important to your customers too. 

Your company can be included on the cover of this magazine in places like Counter Talk. On the inside, what happens at your company is prime news for the News and Notes section. There is even room for photos. Who knows, these submissions might even end up being a full story. Let’s not forget about the online opportunities. Much of what is sent in often finds a spot somewhere at www.distributioncentermag.com. There we are looking for news, guest bloggers, and web-exclusive stories that your company could provide.

One of our biggest attempts to help you talk about yourself is the beginning of our new Golden Warehouse Awards competition. In it we will honor warehouses and distributorships endeavoring to be the best. To be chosen, you must first enter. Nominations open this month.

It’s time to start talking about your company. Share what’s going on and how you are making the best of HVAC wholesale distribution.

Send all announcements, questions, guest blog entries, and anything else you can think of to Angela Harris at angelaharris@distributioncentermag.com.