This is the first entry in the new blog, Distributionology. Instead of wasting time on the fluff intro and long drawn out explanation of what the blog will cover, let’s cut right to the chase and discuss grammar. Yes, grammar.

I’m not talking about my sentence structure; I am talking about the passwords you are using to protect your entire business system. There are many tricks to make your passwords difficult to crack and each of these seem to make them even more difficult to remember.

The latest is a tip from Carnegie Mellon University that suggests using bad grammar in a password is more secure than using proper phrases. Who knowed?

The university made a new algorithm that is capable of figuring out long, grammatically correct phrases that are used as passwords. Jumbled phrases, random words, and whacked out grammar couldn’t be solved.

The next time you are working on a new password consider letting your worstest grammar fly. Of course you could always go with the easily remembered DistributionCenterRocksGrammarGood, but then what would I use?

  What is your top password tip? Leave it in the comments below.