With all the emphasis on social media these days, it is easy to assume we have moved well past e-mail, but that is not the case. For certain types of communication to your customers and prospects, e-mail is still an incredibly effective tool.

If you are sending “company newsletters” with long articles and multiple offers so there is something for everyone, you are probably missing the mark. On the other hand if you are segmenting your lists and delivering simple focused messages, e-mail can still be a valuable way to stay connected. Here are just a few examples on how you can use targeted e-mail marketing in your HVAC business:

• Send your customers a few tips in the fall on how to save on heating costs in the winter - and to have a tune-up before the cold weather hits.

• Use an automated tool to set up a two part e-mail campaign: The first e-mail is sent right after the project is completed. The second automatically goes out 11 months later to remind them to have you back for an annual checkup.

• Create another automated e-mail campaign to remind your clients when their warranties are about to expire - and how to renew.

• Since HVAC is not a product category consumers will want to learn about every month, consider partnering with other home service professionals. Then you can send e-mails to a wider audience, on a range of topics, roofing, gardening, landscape, etc.

The possibilities are endless, but by narrowly focusing your e-mail marketing to match the needs and circumstances of your clients, you wind up with a happier, well-informed client base - and hopefully more business, too.