What does your customer hear when they call your company and are put on hold? If it’s music, do all your customers like it? If there is nothing, just silence, well that is less than exciting. Perhaps you hook them into your local radio station. Wow, watch out for this one. You have no idea what they are listening to including advertisements from your competition. There is a better way.

Consider installing a professional on-hold system. You can get the equipment, have the content professionally written and recorded, and have the music of your choice in the background for about $450 a year. A professional system tells the caller you are a professional company, even if you are a one-man operation. Be sure your script includes a summary of what you offer. Perhaps your message is about the value of an Annual Maintenance Agreement.

I don’t care if the phone hasn’t rung for 3 hours, put the caller on hold for about 15 seconds, no more. You know what they are listening to. Then pick up the phone, apologize for having to put them on hold, and ask them something like “Hello Mr./Mrs. Jones. Thanks you for calling. I am sorry you were put on hold. By the way, did you know we offer annual maintenance agreements for your equipment?” You know what the customer just heard so off you go, perhaps to the sale of a maintenance agreement.

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Tom Grandy is president of Grandy & Associates.