Almost everyone in the HVAC industry realizes the vast majority of the general public does not think about this industry until their unit is not working.  This was showcased once again during game one of the NBA Finals.

The game was between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs. The AT&T Center in San Antonio had the air conditioning system conk out during the game. A lot of puns came to mind while watching the game. They really turned up the “Heat.” There seems to be a lot of “fans” at the game.

But the truth is, the temperatures swelled to 90 degrees and it had a direct effect on the game. All-everything forward LeBron James cramped up and could not finish the game. Spurs all-star Tim Duncan told ABC after the game that the on-court play was definitely affected.

“It was significant,” Duncan said. “It was definitely a factor.”

It was a good reminder of the importance of the HVAC industry. I wonder if the AT&T Center has a maintenance agreement?