My last few weeks have been spent working on white papers with some of the biggest mechanical contractors in the country in preparation for the Mechanical Xchange, which happens each September.

It is important to point out that the Xchange is not a trade show. There is no equipment brought in or specific product to look at during the event. Over the course of two days, the mechanical contractors hold 10-20 one-on-one 40-minute meetings with strategically chosen manufacturers. Each manufacturer is provided in advance with a whitepaper on every contractor that they will be meeting with. In most cases, the manufacturer has contacted the contractor before arriving at the event to lay the groundwork for the meeting. The end result is that 40-minute meeting gets right to the point as the attendees drill down on relationships that can help both businesses. It is senior executives solving problems.

Now, these are not always feel-good meetings. It might come as a surprise to some contractors, but occasionally a contractor and a manufacturer can have a difference of opinion. The Mechanical Xchange is a perfect place to talk these issues out and find some common ground. These discussions lead to the establishment of congruent goals and, more importantly, improving the bottom line for both parties.

The event only accepts qualified mechanical contractors. If you are interested in learning more or to see if you qualify, email me at or visit