When you get knocked down in life, what do you do? When you are faced with a life changing event, how do you respond? If you need some inspiration, I have an amazing example of the power of the human spirit.

Joe Groh has been part of the HVAC industry for three decades. He worked at Lennox, Titus, and his last job was at PCI when an aerobic bike ride ended in tragedy leaving Joe confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Did he give up? No way. Joe vowed to never look back, never give up and to remain positive. In short order he established a foundation to work with the construction trades to help the handicapped.

Since 2010, his foundation has helped seven people. Tracie Gale, a Texas plumber, received help for a wheelchair van. Debra Clapperton was involved in an HVAC business and her sister is a contractor in Illinois. Joe and his foundation spearheaded a project to remodel the sister’s home when Debra moved in after suffering a brain aneurysm that confined her to a wheelchair.

Learn more about Joe Groh and the great work he is doing by going to www.josephgrohfoundation.org. You may even want to meet Joe and see the power of the human spirit at work. Join us at his annual Golf Tournament on Thursday, May 3, at the Prestonwood Country Club located in Dallas, Texas.