Forget resolutions, behavior changes, and the things you stress about on a consistent basis. It is time to relax and refocus. I am not talking about lazing on a beach with a self-help book and an umbrella drink. I am asking you to take the pressure off, examine what’s going right, and begin to put more energy into your successes than into your failures. It’s not a new concept, but it is one that many corporate companies are embracing as well as individuals.

Does it work? First answer me this. Can you be great at everything? Then why are you trying? Why are you pushing yourself, your employees, and your business into an all encompassing frenzied direction? Perhaps instead of trying to be great at everything, you should pick one thing, get better than anyone else at it, and then become specialized. Of course, you can’t have five geothermal or zoning specialists on the same block; but it is feasible to find out what your competition can’t do and become the expert in that area. If you are the go to company for that specialized area, you no longer have to work so hard at competing. You can just be the best.

Give it a try, and Happy New Year.