Government Health Care: Side effects include headache, delayed treatment, no choice, skyrocketing costs, and early death.

Not sure if any of my three readers have heard, but President Obama was able to push through his health care reform in the late hours of March 21. Some of the country is celebrating, some of the country is pulling their hair out, while a small portion are planning a revolution. But can we really take a group that refers to itself as “tea baggers” seriously?

As small business owners, HVAC contractors have legitimate concerns. While all this fuzzy math from both sides of the aisle makes it almost impossible to tell if this will help or hurt your business’ bottom line, at the very least it will lead to much confusion as companies with 50 employees or more will have three years to prepare for the insurance mandates. Think a company that now has 45 employees will plan on growing in the next three years? They might think twice.

My main issue that nobody is talking about is the waiting rooms. I don’t know about you, but when I have a doctor appointment at 2 p.m., if I am face-to-face with the doc by 3 p.m., I am as happy as Tiger Woods at a cocktail bar. What is going to happen as we add 32 million people to the game? I can’t imagine the waiting getting any less. But I realize my concern is less pressing than the bigger issues of money.

Perhaps we can have Nancy Pelosi pay for health care by simply taxing Botox.