There are some things that should be kept secret - underwear size, bank account numbers, the fact that your wife allegedly smashed your rear SUV window out with a golf club after finding out you allegedly had an affair. According to Mrs. Woods, she was freeing him from the vehicle after it crashed. Nice cover Tiger ... not.

The extra-marital affairs of a golf champ may not be something everybody needs to know, but the fact that your company invested its hard-earned money into a professional Website is something to tell everyone. Why?

First of all, you have decided to be on the Web. It is amazing how many contractors still don’t think that this is a necessary business tool.

Secondly, it is commendable that you realized you had to invest a little cash into the project. You shunned the do-it-yourself cookie cutter models that rarely work.

Having already made all these excellent business decisions concerning a Website, it is amazing that some contractors would choose not to place their Website address on every single piece of paper that comes from their establishment.

It’s OK to leave it off your Post-It notes, but for heaven’s sake, put it on all your other paperwork, advertisements, and press releases. Business cards, uniforms, trucks, the dog - everything should have the Website address visible for everyone to see. (OK, maybe I went a little far with the dog, but you get the point.)

Don’t spend the money to create an excellent Website and then keep it to yourself. That would be like investing in a marriage relationship and then having an affair. It ruins the effort.