They passed another bill in the House. Good grief. It was close, but 220 Representatives thought that their version of the health care bill was good to go. Climate legislation is stalling in the wake of health care reform and many are wielding or trying to wield the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to its maximum potential. It is in this environment that contractors enter 2010. Did I mention the R-22 phaseout?

Many economists, politicians, and nightly news characters promise hope of better things to come, and many tell of tough times ahead. I don’t think they really know how 2010 is going to shape up; but if you saw the movie 2012 a few weeks ago, you might be a little more scared than the rest of us.

The future is unsure, butThe NEWSis asking contractors to voice their opinion about some of the more known factors that will affect business in 2010. If you haven’t already, head to and in the column down the left side of the page, click “Survey Says.” Once there, please take a moment to fill out our brief survey. We will feature the results in an upcoming article.

I can’t twist your arm, like Carol Browner can Congress, but the more participation we have, the better the 2010 opinion data the survey will yield. I have my opinions, but for now, I will keep them to myself. Until then, keep an eye on Sen. Max Baucus and somebody please sit on Rep. Henry Waxman for a while.