The first winner ofThe NEWS’Dealer Design Product Giveaway contest was recently announced. The lucky individual was Jennifer Rodriguez from Big Sky Heating and Air Conditioning in Caldwell, Idaho.

Tell her what she won, Don Pardo… “The new Western Enterprises VN Series nitrogen purging system that consists of a state-of-the-art regulator with an integrated cylinder valve combined with a lightweight aluminum 2000 psi cylinder. This compact purging system also features a built-in carry handle, high impact resistance shroud, and preset flow settings (Purge, Braze, and Test). The purging systems that are being used today consist of a heavy steel nitrogen cylinder and a separate nitrogen regulator (which tends to get damaged easily in the field).

The HVAC VN system offers increased safety, savings, convenience and consistency when purging oxygen from AC/Refrigeration lines during the brazing process.

The next prize will be drawn on Dec. 7. It is for Online-Access' Automated PagePilot E-Commerce System, which lets any licensed contractor easily and quickly creates an e-commerce store in their Website to sell filters, UV bulbs, and other replacement items in less than one hour. The system can be used as part of any website.

Included is a fully automated reminder system that can automatically remind homeowners on an ongoing basis when they should check their filter (or UV bulb, etc.) as well as provide a direct link to the product in your website showing only the model and size they require. Each reminder that goes out also includes a global marketing message the contractor can update and customize to ‘touch’ his customers as well as educate them about all the services and products he sells.

In order to register to win, visit You can register once a day.

Good luck.