Is anyone keeping count of how many celebrities have legitimately died in the past few weeks? I ask this, because rumor has it that fake celebrity death announcements are gaining popularity. People are headed towards the Internet armed with rumors and suppositions all for the sake of clicks.

The federal government can be guilty of much the same game. It allegedly doesn’t start rumors, but nothing stopped President Obama from lauding the passing of the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 as nothing short of the hope of our global future. He made it sound like this legislation was already a law.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, whichever side of the H.R. 2454 bill you are on, the bill only passed in the House of Representatives with a vote of 219-212. That leaves the decision up to the Senate.

Most of the HVACR industry associations have had plenty to say about this bill. Some say it is rushed, a disaster, a terrible piece of legislation that “chaos would result from enactment.” The bottom line? Everyone has something to say about it, not many know what they are talking about, and very few are telling the unbiased truth.

The Senate is currently reading over the House bill and “marking it up.” They are expected to vote on it sometime in the late summer or early fall. Until then the American public is left to churn the rumor mill and continue clicking away at political and pop culture rumors.

I’ll keep you posted as this bill continues to develop. You let me know when you find out if Harrison Ford or Brittany Spears have actually died.