I started writing about carbon footprints and carbon offsets a number of years ago in terms of building projects, especially regarding HVACR.

Now knowing one’s personal carbon footprint is apparently becoming a big thing. There is a Website www.terrapass.com where you can go to find what is called “the impact of your travel choices.”

We at BNP Media actually don’t have to go to that site because our own internal travel center allows us the option to book flights with a bunch of airlines and every flight includes how many pounds of CO2 emissions will be given off during that flight.

I confess the emission issue is not high on my booking list. First of all, I’m trying to get from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible on a specific date. Then the company, of course, wants me to do that as inexpensively as possible. So I spend time playing around with departure times on that specific date as prices can vary considerably depending on the time of day.

Yet another consideration is that airfare costs for a particular flight at a specific time on a specific date can change day-by-day leading up to the departure date. So you always are playing a guessing game as to exactly when to book.

With all that jumping through hoops, factoring in what aircraft might have the lower emissions does not enter into my calculations. I guess I should feel guilty about that - but to be honest, I don’t.