I’ve got a secret for HVAC and refrigeration contractors that want to grow their businesses. Rub elbows with successful contractors at a national meeting. I’ve had the opportunity to attend both the ACCA and MCAA annual conventions in the last 30 days.

Both of these associations have excellent seminars and keynote speakers that provide a wealth of “success” ideas, but I’m also impressed with the informal meetings that go on during a breakfast buffet, a lunch event, or even a cocktail reception. Everywhere you look, there are contractors sitting around a table or standing in small groups talking about ways they address business challenges in their markets.

When I get a chance to listen in, I am always impressed with the experience and expertise of the contractors and the business solutions they have implemented. This is where the real learning happens.

What would happen if you (a contractor) could just listen in on conversations among some of the leading companies in the industry?

All you have to do is join an association, register for the annual convention, and then join in. One good idea in a session or even in a bar could mean $100,000 in new business or more. Sometimes business solutions are pretty darn simple!