As the HVAC world becomes ever-more enveloped in the green wave, it seems that the focus of many companies is on environmental concerns. No problem with that. However, what about refrigerants? The HCFC changeover that begins in 2010 has actually already begun. Many contractors have been installing systems with R-410A or alternative HFC substitutes for R-22. And, there are the commercial refrigeration systems to consider, which use a different variety of refrigerant products.

But, they all begin the phase-out process in 2010. Are you ready?

Judging by traffic to The NEWS’ video archives, alternative refrigerants are a pretty hot topic. Feature articles in our print version have turned up a lot of questions from readers about where to get more information.

Technicians are looking for answers to questions that cover the span of basic to the complex and obscure.

The answer to the question, “Is your company ready for the changeover?” may be a resounding “no.” It may not be too early to bring up the refrigerant changeover at your next early morning meeting with the service and installation crews. Even if you are one of the diehard people that hasn’t bought your first R-410A unit, and don’t expect to do so until the last possible moment, the new stuff is here - and, sooner than you think.