FORT MYERS, FL — Team Management Systems (TMS) recently hosted its 10th annual ACOMARC™ User Meeting here at the Diamond Head Beach Resort and Conference Center.

Contractors who use the ACOMARC software convened to participate in informational seminars, roundtable discussions, and hands-on training. Open sessions facilitated contractor communication on how to use the software to increase profits and efficiency.

“Each year the User Meeting is a great exchange of information,” said Yvonne Tuttle, chief financial officer of TMS. “We are able to share our vision and plans with our customers, the contractors, but more importantly, we receive valuable industry insight in return.”

The educational breakout sessions focused on increasing overall efficiency and minimizing overhead expenses, including service, installation, and administrative departments.

During the conference, emphasis was placed on the latest technologies. The Web-enabled software gives customers access to contractor sites to request service and quotes. “In-the-Truck” communications software was of particular interest, with a number of contractors discussing the feasibility in their own businesses.

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Publication date: 06/03/2002