WAYNE, PA — Planalytics, Inc., a supply chain planning portal, recently announced the commercial release of Weathernomics Gas Buyer, an Internet-based tool for commercial-industrial buyers of natural gas that recommends specific buying and hedging actions to reduce risks and exploit opportunities presented by weather-driven changes in gas prices.

The website, at www. planalytics.com, attempts to predict the turning points and directions of future gas price changes, and uses that information to determine the most cost-effective method to purchase natural gas on any given day.

Weathernomics Gas Buyer combines long-range intelligence, American Gas Association inventory change forecasts, real-time futures contract pricing, and proprietary WeathernomicsSM technology into an engine that makes one of six daily buy-sell recommendations.

“This is simply a more effective and informed approach to purchasing and hedging natural gas,” said Frederic Fox, president and ceo of Planalytics. “Many large gas buyers, such a manufacturers of steel, petrochemicals, fertilizers, and glass, are paying too much to hedge against future weather-driven volatility in natural gas prices.”