RIVERDALE, N.J. — Camfil Farr has launched an information Web site to provide regularly updated news on a range of air filtration issues. Contractors, facility engineers, building owners and managers, and others may access the site atwww.camfilfarr.infofor news and technical information on the role of air filtration in SARS and infectious disease control, mold remediation, bioterrorism prevention, and other topics.

The site also contains guidelines on air filtration for specialized facilities such as health care and school environments. In addition, viewers may access news and reports on the latest filtration developments including the MERV system for evaluating filters, the importance of fiber size in filter performance, and the differences between charged and mechanical filtration media. Articles and reports on the site are available for download in PDF format.

Camfil Farr is a manufacturer of air filtration equipment, with 29 subsidiaries, 23 production plants, and agents throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

Publication date: 06/09/2003