TOKYO - Denso Corp. announced new "Green Procurement Guidelines" to further reduce the use and release of environmentally hazardous substances in supply chains for global business activities. The guidelines are based on Denso's long-term environmental policy, "Denso EcoVision 2015," announced last year.

The new guidelines expand Denso's targets to all suppliers, including equipment, construction, and distribution suppliers. The previous procurement guidelines targeted only suppliers for parts and materials, including secondary raw materials. The new guidelines also increase the areas suppliers are required to follow from two to five, while adding further requirements in the original two areas of establishing an environmental management system and managing and reducing the use of environmentally hazardous substances.

In addition to these requirements, the new guidelines require that analyses be conducted for the four environmentally hazardous substances subjected to abolition under the European Union (EU) End-of-Life Vehicle Directive - lead, mercury, cadmium, and hexavalent chromium. Each supplier will also be required to develop a system to manage environmentally hazardous substances.

"As a contribution to the sustainable development of society, Denso will continue to promote efforts to reduce adverse environmental effects of business activities at Denso group companies and their suppliers worldwide," said Masatohi Ano, senior managing director of Denso.

"We are targeting 2010 for full implementation of these guidelines."

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Publication date: 09/11/2006