WILMINGTON, Del. - DuPont Fluorochemicals has notified customers of a supply shortfall of HFC-134a, which DuPont markets as Suva® 134a refrigerant, Dymel® 134a aerosol propellant, and Formacel® Z4 foam expansion agent. The supply shortage is expected to continue through year-end 2004, the company said in a Sept. 2 statement.

DuPont said that "during the past 90 days, in a period of peak demand and at a time of low seasonal inventory, unexpected interruption to DuPont's manufacturing operation has affected its ability to supply. DuPont has taken corrective measures to maximize utilization of existing inventories and current production.

"However, the supply disruption is impacting customers worldwide. DuPont has been proactively contacting its customers to ensure the supply status is clearly communicated, and customer needs are well-planned, understood, and addressed to the greatest degree current capacity allows."

The company went on to say that "inventories and supply are expected to gradually return to normal following a scheduled manufacturing shut down necessary so DuPont can make further process improvements and continue operating safely, efficiently, and effectively to supply HFC-134a to its customers going forward."

"We take this situation very seriously, because we are committed to our customers and their long-term success in this marketplace," said John McCool, global business director, DuPont Fluorochemicals. "We have built strong relationships with our customers over the years based on reliable supply and quality service and products such as HFC-134a. This is a short-term supply issue, and DuPont is doing everything possible to restore normal operations quickly. We ask our customers' continued patience during this critical time, knowing that once we get beyond this situation, we will be in a stronger position to satisfy our customers' supply needs going forward."

Publication date: 08/30/2004