SAN DIEGO, CA — Pentech Solutions ( announced the rollout of a national multisite, multiaccount pilot program in conjunction with Encompass National Accounts, a division of Encompass Services Corp., and Cadence, a B2B e-commerce company, to demonstrate the value of a new service model for packaged hvac units.

Under the pilot program, Pentech’s PERC Communicators will be installed at a number of locations, allowing Encompass to use Pentech’s Internet-enabled eMAC service to monitor and remotely manage and control each site’s hvac system 24 hrs a day.

In addition, Cadence will use Cadence Network™, a facility cost-reduction portal on the web, to analyze the eMAC and the Cadence Network to provide better service and energy savings to commercial customers.

“We believe that Pentech’s unique wireless and Internet-based solution has the potential to become the de facto standard for how packaged hvac systems are maintained in the future,” said Pentech ceo Tom Crews. “The diverse nature of these locations and types of facilities that will be used in this pilot will go a long way to confirming our basic business premise.”